·Cuts at Hoy
Hoy, a Spanish-language daily with separate editions in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, plans to reduce its staff by 20%. “Over the past several months, Hoy has reviewed all aspects of its operations and taken steps to position the newspaper for the future,” Hoy's interim publisher Digby Solomon Diez said in a recent statement. “Today's internal announcement that the newspaper will be eliminating positions is part of Hoy's effort to ensure long-term success – both journalistically and as a business.” In September, the Tribune Corp. announced further circulation reductions at Hoy. The paper now reports a daily circulation of roughly 50,000.

·The Wall Street Journal Spanish-language Section now in Florida
The Wall Street Journal extended its branded Spanish-language pages to El Sentinel, a South Florida-based weekly newspaper published by Sun-Sentinel Company, a subsidiary of Tribune Corp. El Sentinel published its first eight page TWSJ tabloid last Saturday, February 23rd. El Sentinel reports a circulation of 95,000. El Sentinel plans to sell two local ads each week in the new section. The first issue included a half-page local ad from Selective Financial Mortgage. The Wall Street Journal section is expected to reach a rate base of 375,000, with a total national distribution of more than 450,000. The eight-page tabloid will focus on personal finance, technology, careers and various business sectors.

· Criticas publishes directory
Críticas, a U.S. magazine which covers the Spanish-language publishing market, introduced its first comprehensive directory of domestic and international players in the U.S. Spanish-language publishing market. This resource serves as a guide for companies and professionals currently involved in, or planning on entering, the Hispanic print media market. The Críticas Spanish-Language Publishing Marketplace Directory contains over 500 listings of national and international publishers, distributors/wholesalers, libraries, bookstores, translators, literary agents, mass media organizations, cultural organizations, associations and trade fairs working in the U.S. Hispanic publishing market. (For more information, contactr.futterman@reedbusiness.comor www.criticasmagazine.com)


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