Speaking to them in their Language

21st Century Marketing has developed Multiethnic Identification Technology (MIT), a new tool to help companies better target the U.S. Hispanic market. “Our clients are mostly large corporations including banks, insurance and mortgage companies. We don’t work with more typical direct mailers like catalogues and magazines,” explains Rick Blume, vice president of multicultural marketing at 21st Century Marketing, whose clients include Etna, Ameriquest, Bank of America and Ford.
MIT identifies Spanish-speaking  households by matching a company’s in-house files with 21st Century’s Hispanos Americanos Database (HAD) which contains about 15 million names. This enables companies to determine which language to use when direct mailing or telemarketing to their Hispanic consumers.

Names that don’t match with 21st century’s database are bumped up against a Spanish surname table, and then a Spanish first name table. “This is inferred data, rather than actual, but we’ve found that Hispanics who have Spanish first and last names are more likely to be Spanish-speakers,” says Blume. In addition to preferred language, 21st century can also overlay a company’s files for household adult age, children’s ages, home ownership, credit card users and interest categories.