Spanish publishing group RBA’s sales in the U.S. and other Latin American markets last year reached $3.7 million, according to data released by the company. The numbers were boosted by the sale of nearly three million magazine copies and inserts.

Distributed by Editorial Andina, RBA’s products are sold throughout all of Latin America, plus Puerto Rico, Miami (U.S.) and Brazil. The company’s biggest markets by volume are Miami, Venezuela and Mexico.

All magazine titles published by RBA are sold in the Americas, except licensed publications such as National Geographic (which the company publishes and distributes in Spain). However, RBA does sell publications developed from this franchise in the region, such as Viajes National Geographic or Historia National Geographic, in markets such as Mexico, for example.

RBA tells Portada it initially believed its more timeless publications — such as women's magazines (Clara) and cooking and decorating glossies (Casa al Día or El Mueble) — were those most likely to be successful in the Americas market. However, the market has shown that there is also room for topical weeklies, such as the gossip magazine Lecturas.

Ricardo Rodrigo, President of RBA Editores, recently announced to the media that RBA expected to close its 2009 fiscal year with $614.7 million in revenues (52% from magazines, 32% from collectable items inserted into the publication, 14% from books and 2% from its new audiovisual products division). EBITDA, according to forecasts, would be approximately $23.8 million. Last December, the group bought the remaining 33% stake of the company not under its control, thereby acquiring complete ownership. And thanks to its financial situation, the group does not rule out new acquisitions.


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