Spanish-language Publication Subscribers 1.5 million, according to Experian

“Our research has indicated that the total number of Hispanic publication subscribers in the market today totals about 1.5 million,” Mark Todd, account executive at Experian, tells Portada. “In the research we've done in SRDS for list cost, the Hispanic lists are slightly higher than the English lists, but not significantly so.”

Experian Inc. recently announced that its circulation database, CircBase Publisher Database, is now available for the Hispanic publishing market and out we're out soliciting publishers of Hispanic magazine titles to become participants, says Todd.

The new database will be modeled after Experian’s current CircBase database, which includes English language titles.

"Publishers are increasingly looking to niche segments of magazine subscribers to raise circulation," said Rick Erwin, general manager of Marketing Information Services for Experian. "This solution allows publishers to target key Hispanic niche segments and those groups that are active magazine subscribers." According to Mark Todd “this database will have participants of Spanish language titles only. Once we do have the base up and running with participants, this will be a private list. Those who participate will have access to the participant list, but we will not be publishing the list to the general market.”