Spanish-language media declining? What? Advertisers don’t think so!

Among all the positive news (hype?) about the growth  of English-language media targeting the Hispanic population, let’s not forget one thing: Spanish-language media advertising is the only very bright spot in the overall U.S. advertising landscape as the just published Q1 2013 figures from Kantar show.  The data  on the below table speaks for itself.

Advertising in Spanish-language media rocks!





– 1% (Avgr. Cable, Network, Syndication)




+ 1.4%




Source: Kantar Media Data
Note: Portada calculated averages for each Media Type

According to Kantar, while local and national newspapers were down an average of -6.25% during the first quarter Hispanic newspapers were up 1.4%. Magazines were down an average of 2.9% and Hispanic magazines were up a striking 12%!  Even more striking was the difference between general market English-language TV and Spanish-language TV: English-language TV including (including Cable) decreased by an average of 1% and Spanish-language TV grew by an eye popping 13.5%.

For many marketers, the key question is whether to market in Spanish or English?  It seems  that, at least as it relates to advertising, Spanish continues to be a viable and growing alternative.