Southern Calidornia now has a new print network, thanks to a new agreement reached by Enlace, La Prensa and Excelsior.

“A lot of media buyers and planners, when they think about a Southern California Hispanic buy, they think of Los Angeles and they’re done. What we wanted to do with this network is to offer a Southern California buy which, when combined with a La Opinion buy, provided comprehensive coverage of the SoCal market,” said Francisco Mata of San Diego’s Enlace.

Frank Escobedo, General Manager of La Prensa de Riverdale, notes that the markets covered by the three publications are home to almost 3.5 million Hispanics. “And there is very little overlap in our distribution,” he adds.

SoCal Uno is being administered by the California Newspaper Publisher’s Association (CNPA), which will field inquiries about the network and handle revenue sharing. Each publication will also sell into the network and the newspapers may hire someone to work exclusively on selling SoCal Uno.

“There’s a lot of interest out there for this sort of one-stop buy,” says Excelsior’s Julio Saenz. “We want to make it as easy as possible for buyers and planners to reach the SoCal Hispanic market.”

If all goes according to plan, SoCal Uno will be on offer in January of ’09. The combined distribution of the three newspapers is 200,000. SoCal Uno’s print CPM stands at $107.73. For the online component, there is a flat cost of $2,350 for 50,000 impressions.

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