Of the $5 million dollars spent on the 2004 Honda Accord Sedan Hispanic campaign, only 6-7% (US $300,000 – US $400,000) went to Spanish-language print media ads, sources at La Agencia de Orci tell Portadatm. Honda Accord Sedan bought advertising space in 15 Hispanic magazines including Automóvil, Automundo, Hispanic Magazine, Hispanic Business, Latino Leaders, La Banda, People en español, Latina, Latina-Style, Selecciones and Urban Latino Magazine. The effective CPM's charged by these publications were between US $50 and US $60, according to the same sources. The campaign, which starts in April and ends in March, has been running for the last 15 years. During this time, the amount of money invested on print ads has decreased due to the rise in high reach network TV, where at least 80% of advertising dollars are spent. Honda´s overall Hispanic budget has remained the same for the last 5 years, but La Agencia expects growth in the 2005 campaign. The additional money will probably be spent on outdoor advertising and direct mail.

…and more campaigns.

Zubi Advertising is developing a campaign for GE Financial. Although no print media buys are expected for this year, sources at Miami based Zubi say that this could change in 2004. Garcia LKS 360 is doing a creative campaign for Audi. San Antonio based Media Rare is in charge of media buying. For print media, Media Rare is planning to test the Houston market. Media Rare is also working on an ad campaign for the Center of Disease Control (CDC) to try to get teens to do more exercise. The campaign does not include ad buying in newspapers or magazines, but sources at Media Rare say that it might in the near future.


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