Sierra Club Does Hispanic Outreach

Austin, TX-based environmental advocacy organization The Sierra Club is launching a Hispanic outreach campaign to promote environmentally friendly practices this holiday season and winter.

“This is the second year that we’ve done this particular initiative in Spanish,” says the organization’s deputy press secretary Oliver Bernstein. “Last year, our Green Holidays Tips article ran in the following Spanish-language newspapers:

La Prensa – San Diego

El Periódico

La Vereda News – Kentucky

Visalia Times Delta

El Herald – Miami

La Opinión – Los Angeles

La Voz Hispanic News

We’re hoping that these papers and others participate again this year and help promote environmentally friendly practices this holiday and winter,” says Bernstein.

Speaking about the organization’s Hispanic outreach efforts, The Sierra Club’s Director of Latino Programs, Isabel M. Long commented, “Sierra Club's outreach programs empower Hispanics to take action and protect our families from the disproportionate threats of pollution and toxins that we face."

The press release encourages people not to purchase wrapping paper, but instead to use comics to wrap their gifts, and to recycle their Christmas trees instead of just throwing them out. The piece was produced in-house.

The Sierra Club also has a Spanish-language website at:

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