The Sierra Club, an environmental protection organization, is offering monthly Spanish-language columns to publishers targeting Spanish-speaking audiences. “Our monthly Spanish-language column is one of the many products written for us by our Spanish-language consultant," says Megan Lewis, Coordinator of Hispanic Media at the Sierra Club.

Each month, the column deals with a different environmental topic that affects the Latino community. Contamination affects the health and the quality of life of Latinos all over the United States. “We illustrate this and generate interest by relating the story of a specific person who has been affected by the problem. For instance, one of our recent columns featured Rosario Marquina, who lives in the most polluted neighborhood of the most polluted city in the country (Manchester in Houston), and whose son is sick from the toxins he is exposed to.”

The content is available in both English and Spanish, and is free, as this is a public education effort.The column is sent to about 500 outlets each month, and is published by papers all around thecountry, including La Opinion, the major Los Angeles paper.

Each time the Sierra Club distributes the column, it calls the editors to discuss its themes and answer any questions about it. Lewis adds, “The key to the success of our column has been keeping the stories personal, relevant to the Latino community, and making ourselves available to diligently distribute the content and discuss it with interested editors.”


Portada Staff

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