Show me the Money, Texas-style

Texas is a money magnet, not just for its own Hispanic citizens, but also for affluent Mexicans just across the border, who spend literally billions of dollars every year, mostly on big-box retail purchases in places like El Paso and McAllen.

Todo Texas(56,000, monthly, Spanish) is a Houston-based magazine that targets affluent Mexicans in Monterrey. It is delivered through a special partnership with Banamex, a subsidiary of Citigroup, and one of Mexico’s leading financial service institutions. The magazine also has a rewards card called Todo Card, which is a special membership card offered exclusively to the magazine’s readers. It enables members redeem special offers and discounts from participating Todo Card businesses. They currently have over 40 participating businesses, including prestigious Texas’ retailers, hotels and restaurants such as Bailey Banks & Biddle, Hotel Lumen, Escada, Torneau, Utopia Spa, among others.

The San Antonio Express News has a doorhanger program, Mexico Express, which targets affluent Mexicans in Monterrey. The circular reaches 60,000 upscale households, 70% of which travel to San Antonio at some point during the year. Preprinted inserts are packaged and home-delivered in a polybag. The delivery of the circular is timed to mirror popular travel times, our delivery program is available 26 weeks per year.

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