Schooled! Hormel Seeks Marketing Advice from College Students

The Hormel Group, together with its Hispanic agency of record The San Jose Group, has partnered with college students in DePaul University's multicultural marketing department.

The scope of the partnership was two-fold: to evaluate the marketability of 12 Hormel products which have not yet been promoted to Hispanic communities; and to give the DePaul students hands-on experience in the world of advertising.

Ina  statement, Hormel said the following about the project:

"The students' projects demonstrated that all of the brands have applicability to the Hispanic market and have the ability to generate traction from a sales perspective.

However, most of these categories are underdeveloped or underutilized by Hispanics. So the key for us now is to find a way to drive awareness and trial for these categories. For example, Hormel Always Tender Pork Loins, which are pre-packaged and seasoned, are different from the fresh cuts our market typically buys from the butcher. However, we have found that once exposed to many of these brands through trial, Hispanics were more open to consider them when planning meals.

In the end, all of the information presented to us provided great directional insight into building Hormel's general market brands in the Hispanic market."

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