Scarborough Research Forms Newspaper Advisory Board

“The formation of the Newspaper Advisory Board underscores our commitment to providing newspaper clients with the information they need to position themselves for growth in this increasingly competitive media environment,” said Gary Meo, senior vice president, print and Internet services, Scarborough Research.

The Newspaper Advisory Board will provide a forum to anticipate, evaluate and define the emerging information needs of newspapers and their advertisers so that Scarborough can provide the research tools necessary — from databases and software to training — for newspapers to enhance their positioning. The Newspaper Advisory Board complements Scarborough's advisory groups in its other media and marketing divisions. Board members will serve two-year terms with some positions reserved for standing members. The first meeting of the Board is scheduled for September 13-15, 2005.

“The industry insight, research acumen, and knowledge of advertiser needs that the Board will bring to Scarborough will help shape the future direction of newspaper research,” said Mr. Meo. “This is more important than ever, as a greater number of marketers, ad agencies, and publishers embrace readership as a key metric for newspaper evaluation.”

The Advisory Board will be appointed by Scarborough Research executive management and the process for seeking board members has begun.