San Diego Hispanic Newspapers Resolve Dispute

Latina & Associates and Healy Media, Inc., publishers of El Latino (Bilingual, weekly, circ. 65,000) and Diario Latino (Spanish, daily, circ. 20,000), respectively, have reached an agreement to permanently resolve their legal disputes.

While denying any wrongful conduct, Healy has agreed to stop using the name Diario Latino for his newspaper before December 31 of 2005 in response to El Latino's accusations of unlawful use of the mark in unfair competition. The agreement forbids both parties from revealing the details of their agreement.

The directors of both companies have made a pact to compete with professionalism and mutual respect.

The accord was made possible under the mediation of Judge Barbara L. Major and with the participation of Fanny Miller and Ray Guerrero, representing Latina & Associates; and Jose Santiago Healy, representing Healy Media Inc.