San Antonio Express News Launches Cancha, a Spanish-language Sports Publication

Hearst's San Antonio Express News will partner with Mexico's Grupo Reforma to launch a Spanish-language publication called Cancha. The new publication will launch June 2nd and have a strong emphasis on sports.

Cancha is the result of a partnership between San Antonio Express News and Grupo Reforma, a Mexican newspaper publisher based in Monterrey (Mexico), with the editorial staff based there. Content for the new publication will be provided by the sports section of Grupo Reforma's newspapers.

Cancha will have a circulation of 25,000 and will be distributed free of charge in areas of San Antonio that are heavily populated by Spanish-dominant Hispanics.

The Friday edition of Cancha will preview the upcoming weekends sports events and Monday's edition will recap the weekends' sports events.

Dino Chiecchi, editor of Hispanic publications at the San Antonio Express-News which includes Conexión the Express-News' weekly bilingual newspaper (circulation 50,000), will oversee Cancha.

Advertisers want to reach Spanish-speaking audiences

San Antonio's Express News move to publish a free 100% Spanish-language newspaper reflects the increasing interest of advertisers to target this growing audience.

Myrna Cortez, sales and Marketing Director of Conexión, tells Portada® that the amount of Spanish-speaking Hispanics is increasing in San Antonio, a city which traditionally has had English-dominant Hispanics. “Currently, there are more first generation Hispanics than third generation Hispanics moving into San Antonio”, says Cortez.

San Antonio Express News
now publishes both a bilingual newspaper targeting third and second generation Hispanics (Conexión) and another Spanish-language publication targeting first generation Hispanics (Cancha).