Rumbo, the Texan weekly with different editions in Houston, San Antonio and the Lower Rio Grande Valley,  intends to help Hispanic families better understand the higher education opportunities available and how to access them.  The newspaper is publishing a comprehensive college planning guide on Fri., April 27 to educate the Hispanic community and encourage Hispanic high school students to attend college. The supplement will be distributed as part of the weekly RUMBO newspaper, with 195,000 home delivered and newsstand copies distributed free in three of the nation’s top 10 Hispanic markets –- Houston, San Antonio and the Rio Grande Valley.

While an overwhelming majority of Latino families value a college education, they perceive the cost to be prohibitive, according to the Tomas Rivera Policy Institute, a nonprofit research organization that examines issues affecting Latino communities. The Institute notes that, due to lack of awareness, thousands of dollars in scholarships and grants available to Latino students go unclaimed each year.

The 20-page “how-to” college supplement will contain everything Hispanic students and parents need to know regarding the college application process, including college profiles, scholarships, financial aid and success stories. It will also address the many misconceptions and unknowns about the enrollment process that often discourage students from applying.

“Our goal is to inform the Hispanic community, in their native Spanish language, how to approach the college enrollment process and make them aware of the resources available to them,” said Lynne Cook, publisher of RUMBO. “We want to help Hispanic families realize that higher education is attainable and we are confident this college guide will be a great tool.”

Rumbo recently started an iniative to syndicate content to other publications. 


Portada Staff

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