Rumbo hits San Antonio this summer


Rumbo-San Antonio, a Spanish-language newspaper tabloid scheduled to be launched on July 19th, will be the first of the Texas Rumbos to be rolled out by Meximerica Media (see “First Major International Investment in Hispanic print,” page 1, Portada® No. 9, May/June 2004). Rumbo-Houston will followat the end of August, and the Austin edition will debut this fall. The McAllen-Lower Rio Grande Valley edition will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2004 or the first quarter of 2005. Meximerica Media's headquarters are in San Antonio, where most of the Hispanic population prefers English to Spanish, because of the strong infrastructure and skilled labor available at relatively low prices. Edward Schumacher Matos, Meximerica Media's CEO and editorial director, tells Portada® that Houston (with a population of 1.2 million mostly Spanish-dominant Hispanics – 30% of the total population – expected to reach close to 2 million by 2012), is Rumbo's most important market in the mid-term. In Houston, Rumbo will face the competition of independently published La Voz (circ. 87,000) and The Houston Chronicle (Hearst, see “A four-pronged strategy to reach Latinos,” page 17, Portada® No. 7, January/February 2004). Rumbo will focus on reaching first generation, mostly Mexican Latinos. Rumbo puts an emphasis on design, a strong services oriented section (immigration, real estate, education, personal finance etc…) and local news. The different editions of Rumbo will have a core of common content, but also their own local content.