ROP Advertising loosing ground to Preprints (FSI’s)

Some large retailers, including Publix, are increasing their FSI (preprint) advertising and diminishing their ROP advertising (see chart below).

This has been detrimental to smaller newspaper and magazine publishers as large newspapers, many of them part of newspaper chains with national footprints (e.g. Impremedia, McClatchy etc) have been able to attract a larger portion of the FSI business coming from retailers.

A look at Publix’s National Hispanic Print Buys





Jan-Aug 2006

$ 1,341,816.79


$ 1,595,830

Jan-Aug 2007

$ 1,035,216.01

$ 696,251.47

$ 1,731,467

Source Portada-Ad-Tracking

Publix’s footprint includes Georgia  and Florida. Miami based Machado Garcia Serra Publicidad is Publix’s Hispanic Advertising Agency of Record. Some print media buying is also done by Atlanta-based Media Solutions. For more information get access to Portada Media Buyer Directory click here.

Publix was the fifth largest national Hispanic FSI Advertiser according to Portada Ad-Tracking during the first six months of 2007.

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