Reuters Americas: Targeting Latino Masses through Segmented Distribution

Reuters Americas, the branch of the newswire that generates content for and about Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic markets, employs a very sophisticated tagging and segmentation system for channeling news to the appropriate markets.

“When a story is submitted to the central database, it is tagged for relevance to particular markets. It is then channeled to those markets for distribution,” says Ramiro Sanchez, head of product, Reuters Consumer Media, Americas. “Say a story comes out about the Americas Summit. That story will be tagged for distribution to all of the appropriate markets, including Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and the U.S.”

Indeed, Reuters Americas has specific web channels dedicated to Argentina, Mexico and Brazil—individually—as well as a separate channel covering all of Latin America. These sites are less-developed than the main Reuters site, however, and the company does not sell advertising into them.

In addition to channeling the articles to the appropriate markets, the pieces are also frequently appended by editors who may have additional insight or information either from their own experience, or as the story takes new twists.

The newswire is also planning on launching its mobile platform in 2008, which it already has up and running for the general market. “The mobile platform will cover business and news for professionals, following same segmentation strategy employed by the central database,” says Sanchez.