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Retailer Bealls Launches Spanish-language Campaign in FL

Radio ads for now; print to follow.


Retail chain Bealls has retained the services of Sarasota-based Nuevo Advertising Group to run a series of Spanish-language radio ads in the run-up to the holiday shopping frenzy that begins around thanksgiving.

The radio ads will feature a translation of the company's tagline “Live the Florida lifestyle,” when it implores Hispanics to “Vive el estilo de la Florida.” However the company is quick to point out that their delving into the Hispanic market is about more than just translating copy. Instead, they say, it is an attempt to reach out to Florida's growing, and increasingly affluent, Latino population.

The ads will air in the Tampa Bay, Orlando, Ft. Myers, and West Palm Beach markets.
Pedro Pérez of Nuevo Advertising Group says that they plan to run print ads, following the airing of the radio spots.

According to Portada® Ad-tracking, in 2005 Bealls invested more than $ 70,000 in print advertising. (This figure excludes FSI, preprint, advertising).

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