Major magazines targeting Spanish-speaking audiences in the US had a very strong start in 2003, despite uncertainties related to the war in Iraq. Most of them significantly outperformed the growth of the general US magazine market. Most US magazines, including Hispanic publications, had easy year on year comparisons during the first quarter of 2003 due to the fact that a year ago magazine advertising was still going through the post September 11 slump. Prospects for the future look quite good. In April RD Selecciones's ad-page count increased by 54%, compared to April 2002, to 37.3 pages. People en español's ad-page count for the first half of 2003 is up 17.5%, while PIB revenue is up 24%.

Pharmaceutical and automotive companies spend the most Drugs & Remedies (+41.9%), Home Furnishings & Supplies (+36.3%) and Automotive (+18.9%) were the hottest advertising categories during the first quarter of 2003 compared to the same period last year. Travel, tourism and energy advertising suffered as a result of the war. Most advertisers held back their ad-budgets but did not cancel them.


Portada Staff

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