Reformatting an Urban Hispanic Newspaper

A year after Impremedia’s purchase of Hoy New York, Jorge L. Ayala, publisher of CEO of Hoy Nueva York talks to Portada about the changes implemented and the challenges and opportunities ahead.

What are the major changes you have made since Impremedia took over Hoy/ Hoy Fin de Semana NYC?

Jorge Ayala: The paper has been reformatted editorially to focus more on local, sports and entertainment news and presented in a graphically colorful and appealing look, to meet the commuters’ needs of a 30-40 minute train or bus ride. The stories are short and to the point.  

Does Hoy NYC work with Tribune/editions of Hoy in Chicago/Los Angeles?

Ayala: We do not.

What is the current circulation and average page count for Hoy Fin de Semana and for Hoy New York?

Ayala: Both papers average about 24-28 pages, which is in line with a daily commuter paper, in any language. We distribute 41,500 daily with a net circulation of 40,000 and have a daily readership of over 200,000.

How are they distributed?

Ayala: They are both distributed to our blue honor boxes strategically placed near train strops in the top NY Hispanic zip codes.   

What is the breakdown national/local advertising for Hoy and for Hoy Fin de Semana?

Ayala: Currently 60% local 40% national.

Hoy Fin de Semana carries a large amount of FSI advertising. What do FSI advertisers (e.g. Valassis/RedPlum, Target, NewsAmerica Smart Source etc) like about the weekend edition?

Ayala:  Most FSI advertisers want weekend distribution, because their sales or specials usually break on Fridays and it gives shoppers the weekend to shop.  

Would you conceive of converting Hoy Fin de Semana into a TMC (Total Market Coverage) product?

Ayala: We have a poly bag weekly walk program. It reaches 250,000 households with 70%+ Hispanic penetration, currently being utilized by local supermarkets, retailers and national chains. It’s successful without an editorial product in it, so I won’t change it, its working fine.      

Are you trying to model Hoy New York and Hoy Fin de Semana after AM New York?

Ayala:  AM New York, Hoy New York and Metro New York are similar in format because we aim to reach the daily commuter who spend 30-40 minute on a subway or bus. The main differences are the stories and the language.    

Do you have any editorial or any other cooperation with El Diario/La Prensa?

Ayala: Editorially we do not.  However in sales the combination of both papers outperforms any other Hispanic medium in NY. So advertisers are benefiting from one order, one bill efficiencies with greater reach.  

What are the main differences between Hoy/NYC and El Diario/La Prensa?

Ayala: We are similar in our passion for Hispanic issues. EDLP may provide more Latin American coverage. They (EDLP) have a larger distribution and coverage for example NJ & Westchester. While Hoy is focusing on NY the boroughs and the commuters, together we give both the reader and the advertiser the best in news and coverage.


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