Selecciones’s redesigned version goes on sale today August 19. The redesign is accompanied by a new tagline: "Comparta lo Bueno de la Vida" ("Share the best of life"), which aligns with the Reader's Digest 'Life Well Shared' platform. The September issue also features interviews with presidential contenders Barack Obama and John McCain. (read complete press release here).

"The new Selecciones offers many more opportunities for advertisers to connect with our audience on a variety of platforms," Elaine Alimonti, Publisher of Selecciones, tells Portada. Alimonti adds that “the new features and columns are editorial; that is, they are elements our readers have told us, through focus groups and testing, that they would welcome in the magazine. Advertisers do not sponsor editorial, but we work with advertising partners to integrate them into events, signature programs, and other offerings that allow a marketer to showcase their products and services to our readers.”

For 2009, Selecciones will have a 6% CPM (cost per thousand readers) increase with a circulation of 375,000 (same as in 2008).

Pocket size remains…

One thing that Selecciones is not going to change is the pocket size of the publication. “This was something we considered, but readers simply love the digest size of the magazine. At a time when everything has gotten smaller and smaller -think of all the information on your iphone-, readers love that Selecciones is easy, portable and accessable–we give them information that helps them to live their life better, in the palm of their hand.”

And plans for Linda

Asked whether the beauty fashion magazine insert Linda plays a role in the redesign, Alimonti notes that Linda is a separate publication, and not part of the redesign of Selecciones. “We have done 2 tests of Linda in the U.S.; both tests used a 32-page sampler of editorial adapted from our sister publication, Joy, in Mexico. In only a few years, Joy has grown to become the third best selling magazine in Mexico. The audience is women, and the focus is beauty inside and out. In the U.S., we decided to test the  editorial concept, and used the name Linda , which, of course, means "pretty" in Spanish.”

Alimonti notes that based on Linda’s successful testing, “we will move ahead in 2009 with 2 stand-alone issues of Linda; current planned folio size is 132 pages. The magazine will have a subscription base and also be sold at newsstands. We anticipate moving to a quarterly schedule in 2010.”

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