Qwest Telecommunications Targets Latinos

In a bid to become the preferred telecommunications provider for U.S. Latinos, Denver-based Qwest Communications is offering new Hispanic-focused incentives, such as aggressively-priced calling plans to Mexico and Central America, as well as an all-digital Hispanic TV programming package.

The calling program is entitled Qwest Plan Latino and offers rates of seven cents per minute for calls to Mexico.

Qwest has an established presence out West, with 70% to 80% of their clientele in Arizona, New Mexico, Washington and Colorado identifying themselves as Hispanic, among which 90% are of Mexican origin.

Qwest has found through experience that direct-mail is an effective way to market their services to Hispanics; as a result, the company will mail out approximately 200,000 Spanish-language pieces to highlight Plan Latino.

Qwest's agencies of record are Dallas' Legion Advertising and Phoenix's Arvizu.