Portada: What national advertising categories do you see growing the most in Hispanic print going into 2007?

Erich Linker: The following categories will show growth in Hispanic print in 2007: National Retail, Financial, Automotive. Impremedia will focus on eight key categories including the above: these categories include: Entertainment, Telecom, Package Goods, Pharmaceuticals, and Travel.

P: What plans do you have to include your advertisers in e-mail marketing and or online advertising at your websites?

EL:All proposals for national accounts will have an online component predicated on the objectives of the advertiser. These proposals will include integrating print. Other programs will include exclusive online programs sold on a market by market basis or in the aggregate.

P: What new programs do you have in place to implement in 2007?

EL: New in 2007 will be programs involving mobile marketing elements. These programs will also be integrated with video streaming and pod-casting capabilities, as well as integrated into multi-platform programs.

P: What new editorial products you have on deck for 2007 and what audience (subsegments of your audiences) do you want to address?

EL: The following are new products and editorial platforms scheduled for 2007: Sports packages focusing on major soccer, baseball, and boxing. These products will focus on the 24-48 male. Entertainment: national rollout of La Vibra, an entertainment magazine focusing on the 24-34 young adult; Viva Mejor– A lifestyle focused on empowering and educating the audience on finance, home ownership, health and education. This multi-faceted editorial program will focus on 24-48 female adults; special interest editorial section focused on holidays and festive traditions. Audience: 24-54 Adults


Portada Staff

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