Publicitas LHM to represent Rumbo

According to the ad-sales representation agreement between Publicitas LHM (Leading Hispanic Media) and Rumbo, Rumbo will receive national advertising sales platform and infrastructure of a fully dedicated and experienced sales team of six people, working as a true extension of the national advertising sales staff of the newspapers.

Publicitas LHM recently announced a similar agreement with Hoy, the Tribune Corp. ownedSpanish-language newspapers published in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.

“The seven Hoy andRumbo newspapers target a population of more than 17 million Hispanics in the main Hispanic markets in the country, with a purchasing power of more than $190 billion, who mostly speak Spanish at home. We believe that national advertisers will find, in both Hoy and Rumbo, a unique communication vehicle to create links between their businesses and the Hispanic market”, said Amelie Ferro, Vice President Business Development of Publicitas-LHM.

Ad categories
Publicitas-LHM plans to represent the leading papers in the largest Hispanic markets in select categories within Pharma/Over-the-Counter, Travel, IT & Tech, Entertainment, B2B, and Fashion/Luxury. “We will be our partner papers' national ad sales team for these categories,” says Amelie Ferro, VP of business development at Publicitas-LHM, who says she plans to announce several other partnerships within the next few weeks.

Publicitas-LHM has also begun to develop strategic partnerships with papers in secondary markets, including La Nación (La Voz Communications, daily, circ. 15,000, Spanish) in Washington D.C., Nuevos Ecos (Pelican Media Group, bi-weekly, Spanish) in West Florida, El Bohemio News (weekly, circ. 42,000 CVC audited, Spanish) in San Francisco, El Mercado in Phoenix, and TV y mas (Gannett, free weekly, approx. circ. 90,000, Spanish) in Tucson and Phoenix. “These markets are critical in order to provide a national print solution for advertisers,” says Ferro. Once Publicitas-LHM newspaper network is established, they will extend their portfolio to include magazines.
Carrie Barnes