Publicitas-LHM Becomes National Ad Sales Arm of ALMA Magazine

Publicitas LHM reached an agreement to Alma is a Spanish language magazine targeting upscale Hispanic adults in top U.S. Hispanic markets. Alma will target high purchasing power Hispanics and will be distributed nationally. Its content will include 5 large feature stories per issue. It will be centered around biographies, politics, economy and news about Latin America. Alma Magazine will be printed in Argentina. Its headquarters for production and content development are in Buenos Aires, while marketing and advertising sales are done out of Miami.

Almais the first magazine of its kind available for Hispanics”, according to Amelie Ferro, VP Business Development of Publicitas LHM, which will be the National Representatives for Alma. Publicitas LHM already represents iCarambaU, a college Latino' magazine as well as a national network of Spanish newspapers, including HOY and RUMBO. “ALMA strengthens our portfolio of publications aimed towards the U.S. Hispanic population, providing a powerful tool to reach an upscale audience with a very refined product”, affirms Amelie Ferro.