Newspaper and magazine publishers targeting Spanish-speaking audiences are taking their print brands online. Online versions of monthly and weekly publications can be updated daily. Here is some interesting data on newspaper websites and their users:


-> Dallas's Al Día website ( gets 400-500 new users everyday.


-> 50% of the traffic to Chicago daily La Raza website is for the online classifieds section.

-> Research conducted by Impremedia shows that a large percentage of visitors to the El Diario/La Prensa website ( look for news about their home countries in Latin America.

-> Latina (Latina Media Ventures, monthly, rate base 400,000, bilingual) recently unveiled a new strategy to entice advertisers to buy ads in print and online. “We've activated 20 ads from the June issue,” says Beth Press, publisher of Latina. Press said that Latina had participants from the automotive, CPG, beauty, HBA, fashion and financial categories. “We are following the W2S (Web-to-Store) trend, which the Wall Street Journal says is the new paradigm,” explained Press. “People are browsing or pre-shopping on the web so that when they get to the bricks and mortar stores they already know what they want to buy.” receives over 250,000 unique visitors every month.


Portada Staff

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