Procter & Gamble Re-assesses its Hispanic Print Strategy

ROI of FSI investments is low. P&G's Hispanic custom publication discontinued publication nine months ago. Read more.

Procter & Gamble is currently reassessing its Hispanic print media strategy. At a presentation in last weeks SRI Hispanic and Latin American marketing conference, German Uribe, marketing director for multicultural, Hispanic, paper products for Procter & Gamble, noted that the return on investments of P&G's Free Standing Inserts (FSI) in Hispanic newspapers is very low. General market FSI's, on average, return US$ 3.56 per every dollar invested by P&G. While Hispanic TV and Trade Promotions return US $3.18 and US $2.9, respectively.

Uribe told Portada® that his company is currently looking at how to improve FSI advertising targeting Hispanics. Uribe is particularly interested in increasing the coupon redemption rate.

Additionally, Uribe noted, P&G stopped publication 9 months ago of Avanzando con tu Familia, an annual bilingual publication with a circ. of over 1 million. Avanzando con Tu Familia's content was based on education. health. tradition and home. It was launched in 1998.