Print Forecast: Hot Ad Categories for 2007

When looking at what the year ahead holds in advertising, we decided to ask various publications and media planners what categories they think will hit the ground running. So, we asked our esteemed panel the following question:

What national advertising categories do you see growing the most in Hispanic print going into 2007?

Mario Dueñas, Publisher, Semana News (125,000, Spanish, weekly):

We believe that the automotive, grocery and Medical categories will see the most growth in 2007.

Brent Murphy, Publisher, Mercado Bilingue (75,000, bilingual, monthly ):

Financial services looks promising.

Loida Ruiz, National Sales Manager, La Voz (100,000, Spanish, weekly) and La Vibra (225,000, Spanish, Weekly):

The financial category continues to be strong in La Voz.

Myrna Cortez, Sales and Marketing Director, Conexion (50,000, bilingual, weekly), Cancha (25,000, 2xweekly, Spanish):

Home improvement, financial, pharmaceutical, telecom and insurance should show solid growth in the year ahead.

Brooke Christofferson, Strategic Communications Manager, La Voz (50,000, 2x weekly, Spanish) and TV y Mas (90,000, Spanish, Weekly):

Entertainment, financial, pharmaceutical and direct response all continue to increase their presence in Spanish-language print. Both major home improvement stores, Lowe's and Home Depot, have increased their presence in our Spanish print products since 2005.

Jose Luis Garza , Publisher, El Periodico (60,000, Spanish, weekly):

Telecommunications and automotive.

John Brown, Sales Director, El Diario de El Paso (20,000, Spanish, daily):

I foresee the most growth in the financial areas, such as banks, S&Ls and investment planning. As this area becomes more competitive, print advertising offers these institutions a much better opportunity. Newspapers reach the more affluent, better-educated readers far better than radio or TV.