Procter & Gamble’s Crest campaign is entering the New York and Houston markets. The Crest brand has undertaken a comprehensive Hispanic newspaper advertising campaign for several months. Crests media buying agency Starcom Media Vest commissioned the Hispanic newspaper buying to San Diego, CA based EPMG 360. 

The Crest Campaign has been active in Los Angeles since April. It will continue in Los Angeles in June as well as expand into Houston and New York. The campaign in Los Angeles has been live since July 2010.  “That is when we kicked off the overinvestment on a specific market,” says Amy Henderson, account manager at EPMG360. “It did stop during January –February-March 2011, but was reactivated in April 2011. In addition it will expand into Houston and New York starting in June.

Henderson notes that the campaign consists of ROP advertising, although the Los Angeles investment includes incremental FSI's with 4 drops a year. “All ads we have run so far are in Spanish. If they are FSI’s they are bilingual with Spanish priority.”

Main campaign objectives

There are two parts to the campaign. The first phase in Los Angeles focused on Crest Pro Health products, while the second phase and the one expanding into new markets New York and Houston is focusing on the Crest Plus Scope Outlast Product. “Our aim is to build a connection with the Hispanic consumer and educate her on why Crest products are the best for her and her family”, Henderson notes.


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