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Pharmaceutical Companies Broaden Marketing efforts

Producers of Ortho Evra, Topamax and other drugs are stepping up their Hispanic marketing efforts.


November 20, 2006

Pharmaceutical Companies Broaden Hispanic Outreach

Seeking to strengthen ties with the Hispanic community, pharmaceutical companies are stepping up their Hispanic outreach efforts.

HispanicWorks, a New York based agency, has been managing Spanish-language collateral and website content for two drugs, Ortho Evra – the birth control patch – and Topamax – the anti-migraine drug. “It's great because it really is an empowering tool to be able to access this information in Spanish. Given that Latinos are more likely to self-medicate than to go to a doctor, this information can be very helpful for concerned family members trying to aid their ailing loved ones seeking help,” said Hispanic Works President William Ortiz.

The Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Researchers Asociation (PhRMA) has also sought to reach out to the Latino community by enlisting Mayte Prida, a former Univision news anchor and cancer survivor, to be their spokesperson. Mayte is currently doing television and radio spots on Univision and Telemundo, as well as print ads promoting the PPA (Partnership for Prescription Assistance) program, which offers reduced-price or free medication to lower-income families. “It's been a real blessing for me. Just getting to see the people and how grateful they are is really inspiring,” said Ms. Prida, who has also been traveling around the country to the major Hispanic markets to promote PhRMA's outreach efforts.

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