Page One Media to Provide Content for Editorial Televisa Pubs

Editorial Televisa and its affiliate Hispanic Publishing Associates, publishers of Hispanic Magazine, Hispanic Trends and Hispanic Online, announced last week an agreement by which Page One Media will produce content for these magazines and online property. The agreement involves leveraging the experience of the Page One Media team to streamline operations. Page One Media's mandate will be to broaden the appeal of Hispanic Magazine, Hispanic Trends and Hispanic Online with its current consumers, and the young professional Hispanic American.

“We are constantly looking into ways to create more appeal for our publications,” said David Taggart, General Manager, Editorial Televisa. “We are confident that the Editorial Televisa/Page One Media combination will achieve the dual objective of better serving our readers and advertisers.”

“We are very excited about building on our 18 years of publishing tradition with Page One Media,” said Sam Verdeja, President and CEO of HPA, “and believe that this development marks an important juncture in the history and future of our group.”

Hispanic, which has been in the market for nearly two decades, has a lot of name recognition and is the perfect vehicle for readers seeking a lively, general interest magazine,” said Isaac Lee, Editor-in-Chief, Page One Media.

Page One Media, a Miami-based company, was founded in September of this year by several ex-employees of Zoom Media Group's editorial division. Page One Media now owns the trademark for PODER and LOFT throughout the Americas (the U.S., Mexico, Central and South America). Page One will launch PODER in Chile in the first quarter of ‘06 and in Colombia before the year ends. PODER is currently published biweekly in Mexico in cooperation with Editorial Televisa. PODER (U.S.) resumed publication in November with the special edition of the 100 most powerful Hispanics in the U.S. LOFT's publishing schedule will be determined in ‘06.