National advertisers in the beverage and food industry have a new print media vehicle to help them better reach the Latino market. Salud! y Buen Provecho, a new quarterly, will be launched by Oxford Publishing in October, as a free mailing to 20,000 qualified buyers nationwide. Salud! y Buen Provecho is the first stand-alone business-to-business publication to target Hispanics working in the restaurant/bar/night club business and other sectors of the beverage and food industry. Some smaller publications already exist in the marketplace, including publications targeting Mexican restaurant owners, and Tequila Aficionado, an online publication covering tequila industry news, trends, and tasting reviews.

Salud! y Buen Provecho will be written mostly in English, with selected stories in Spanish, with an 80/20 language breakdown. Amy Lorton, executive editor and vice president of publishing at Oxford, tells Portadatm that she is shooting for a 36-40 page magazine. According to Lorton, Oxford Publishing expects to convert the quarterly to a monthly.

In terms of potential advertisers for the publication, Oxford will look to rum and tequila companies. “Our revenues are 100% based on national advertisers,” says Laura McCreary who is responsible for advertising sales at Salud! y Buen Provecho. “We are working with all the large advertising agencies, and we are looking to increase our relationships with Hispanic agencies who buy print media for Hispanic and Latin American companies.”

The idea for a stand-alone B2B magazine aimed at Hispanics came from industry professionals who are also Oxford Publishing board members. These executives represent brands such as Anheuser Busch, Miller Beer, Allied Domecq and Baccardi.

“The idea was then tested, with great success, through several special Latino sections in our publications.” McCreary says that Oxford has not considered publishing Salud y Buen Provecho as an insert in Hispanic dailies and weeklies.

Oxford Publishing is a Mississippi (Missouri)-based, privately owned publisher of trade magazines for the beverage, food and night club industries. Its publications include Nightclub & Bar; Beverage & Food Restaurant Marketing, and Beer, Wine & Spirits Beverage Retailer. Through these publications Oxford reaches more than 90,000 beverage and food industry professionals. The company also puts on a number of trade shows, including the Beverage & Food Fiesta Latina Convention and Trade Show which recently debuted in San Diego and helped to expand Oxford's database of Latino venue owners and managers.

Food and beverage advertising, with annual expenditure of close to US $2 billion – 20% of which is spent in print media outlets – is the sixth largest advertising category ranked by spending in the US, according to Ad Age. In a recent study, the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA) attempted to estimate the appropriate percentage of total corporate marketing dollars that should be spend in the beverage and food category on targeting Spanish-dominant and bilingual Hispanics. The study showed that Hispanics overindex in consumption of most food categories, requiring food companies to spend more on advertising to Hispanic households than the ratio Spanish and bilingual households/total US households suggests. Regarding beverages, the study found that “in the top 10 Hispanic markets, beverage categories require an investment closer to the actual representation (17%) of Spanish/bilingual households.” The study also found that “beer consumption (19%) requires an investment slightly higher than that of wine and liquor (both 15%).”


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