Boy Scouts of America is planning an outreach campaign to increase the number of its Hispanic members. Currently, out of more than 3 million U.S. members, only 117,000 are Hispanics. Furthermore, there is no state chapter that has more than 3,000 Hispanic members.

“It is very important for the Boy Scouts’ future to increase the amount of Hispanics, as this is a young and growing demographic,” says Maria C. Dahl, senior account executive at Boy Scouts of America. She adds that her organization is currently embarking on an internal communications program to tell its employees and members about the importance of the Hispanic market. Once this stage is fulfilled, it will start a Hispanic outreach program. This program will include the hiring of a Hispanic advertising agency.

Boy Scouts are not that well-known among Hispanics as they are among the general U.S. population. This is partly due to the lower popularity of Boy Scouts in some Latin American countries. In addition, the uniform and the relative homogeneous white composition of many Boy Scouts chapter make identification with the Boy Scouts not that easy for many Hispanics, according to Dahl.

She notes that the objectives of many Hispanic organizations coincide with those of the Boy Scouts of America, including: Empowerment, Education, Health and Financial Freedom.


Portada Staff

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