In an attempt to reflect the diversity of Hispanic readers, People en español announced that it may produce up to three different monthly covers – one for current subscribers and the others for east and west coast newsstand buyers. Lauren Kuschner, media relations director at People en español, tells Portadatm “that the west coast cover will appeal more to the Mexican market, while the East coast cover will showcase Caribbean celebrities.” People en español's content will be the same for both coasts. The magazine is not trying to get different advertisers for its east and west coast editions.

In June, the six-year-old Spanish-language monthly was relaunched with a new look and content. “Before, the magazine felt like a glossy newspaper. It had good reporting, but it read like a weekly,” Richard Pérez-Feria, People en español's new editor, told Mediaweek. “I wanted to create a monthly feel and introduce People's storytelling style into the magazine because we share the same values – celebrities, human-interest stories, and fashion and beauty.”


Portada Staff

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