Novus Print Media Inc. Expands Ethnic Market Activities

Discount print media buying agency Novus Print Media plans to expand its ethnic market activities. Based in Plymouth, Minnesota, the media buying service provides strategic, cost-effective marketing and media expertise as well as customized print advertising strategies for its nationwide clients.

For general market ads, Novus Print Media (approx, annual billings: $300,000,000) has built up a relationship with more than 1,400 newspaper and magazine publishers nationwide, and can therefore provide national low-cost print media rates for its general market customers. The breakdown of gross billings by media is 70 percent newspapers and 30 percent magazines.

New Ethnic Program
Last year the agency introduced an ethnic program, which is directed at both, the U.S. Hispanic as well as the African-American market. “For both target groups we are seeking to expand our buying power,” says Ryan G. Donelon, Ethnic Program Manager at Novus Print Media. Over the last year Novus Print Media has developed relationships with more than 350 newspaper and magazine publishers. Of this total, 250 publications are directed at the U.S. Hispanic market and 100 publications are directed at the African-American market.

Assessing the opportunities within the U.S. Hispanic market, Donelon says that “the market has not yet been utilized to its full potential. Therefore, we plan to further increase our business volume in this market segment.”Novus Print Media follows a general market trend, yet as Donelon argues, his agency is in a good position to catch up quickly and to become a “leading player in this field within the next years.”

Big Discounts

Founded in 1986, the agency, which is owned by New York-based full-service agency Omnicom Group Inc., has placed hundreds of thousands of direct response and general print ads for its clients, and claims to be able to obtain an average discount of well over 80 percent below standard rates for its customers.

The ad categories which specifically try to reach a Hispanic audience with the help of Novus Print Media are both national, as well as direct response, Ryan Donelon confirms. “Our clients come from the retail and automotive industries, e-commerce as well as various other general national market segments,” says Donelon.

Most of these clients run ROPs (Run off press) and FSIs (Free standing inserts) through Novus Print Media. Theyprimarily want to sell through direct response channels and aim to expand into new markets, says Donelon. Novus Print Media also does media buyingfor special promotions. Many of the businesses, however, also want to reach the Hispanic target group in a specific demographic or geographic area, yet most target groups are across the board, Donelon notes.

Franz Solms Laubach