Based in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Kidsville News is a publication that, in the last two and a half years, has grown its circulation from 80,000 to 1.3 million. “We’re looking to be in every county in every state in the country,” says publisher Bill Bowman.

And how, you ask, are they planning to do that? “Well, we’ve adopted a licensing strategy that allows publishers to produce Kidsville News in their own markets.”

Another part of their expansion strategy is including Spanish-language content in the mix.

Currently, the 24-page full color product has two sections that are in Spanish. One section actually teaches basic Spanish-speaking skills. Bowman notes, “It’s funny, because most Hispanic kids are learning English in school, and what we’re finding is that many are using Kidsville News to help teach their parents English.”

For the folks…

He points to another section of the publication called “Parent Town.” “It’s here that we run Spanish-language financial literacy information, which is of great use to many Hispanic parents,” says Bowman, adding that this section is tailored for financial industry sponsorship.

Bowman also leaves open the opportunity for all Spanish-language versions of the publication. “Under our licensing model, if someone in San Antonio or another heavily Hispanic area wants to translate the content into Spanish, they are absolutely free to do so.”

Currently, Kidsville News enjoys greater distribution than National Geographic for Kids, Nick Jr., and Boys Life magazines, all mainstays in the children’s publishing market.


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