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Newspaper Services of America’s Hispanic Print Buys Increase by 23%

Increase in both the number of newspapers used as well as the dollar amount.


September 5, 2006
Newspaper Services of America's Hispanic Print Buys Increase by 23%

In 2005 Newspapers Services of America, a print media planning and buying agency, bought $13 million worth of advertising in Hispanic newspapers, in the 12 month period ending in August 2006 that figure increased by 23%to $16 million. The number of Hispanic newspapers used increased from 95 to 113.

Bob Shamberg, chairman and chief executive of Newspaper Services of America, noted during the NAHP Chicago Advertising Summit (August 34-25) that home delivery of newspapers and the ability to zone determine if a print media property is going to be included in his campaigns.

In terms of day of distribution, he added that weekends are the preferred editions for advertisers, particularly for retail advertisers who advertise through FSI's: "Hispanic publications are an incredibly effective tool in reaching your target consumer," Shamberg said. He added that there's been huge improvement in the quality of Spanish-language information and a better understanding in recent years of Hispanic consumers and how they use media.

Illinois-based Newspaper Services of America, owned by the Interpublic Group of companies, is the largest single buyer of newspaper advertising in the U.S. It annually buys Newspapers for more than $1.6 billion, its newspaper preprint buys account for approximately 20% of the total preprint market (Free Standing Insert) market.

Its clients include Home Depot, Mervyn's, Sears, Michaels, Safeway, Linens N-Things, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

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