Newspaper “Name Change Campaign” provides interesting Data…

San Diego’s Diario Latino launched a campaign asking readers to come up with a new name for the daily (“Ponle la Salsa al Diario”). The response by San Diego Latinos offers interesting insight into the motivations and lifestyles of Diario readers.

Diario Latino’s Luisa Roque tells Portada® that the event was developed with the idea of involving the community in coming up with the new name for Diario Latino. “

“What we want to do is provoke, through a catchy-popular-fun phrase, participation at a community/reader level in order to keep branding the old name into the new name with the least possible negative impact.” One week into the launch of “Ponle la Salsa al Diario,” they had already received a considerable number of responses.

Surprisingly, half of the responses received were in the form of e-mails.


Roque says that in the past, the campaigns with the best responses have been those where the sweepstakes were of great value. “So far, the tickets for the soccer game between Pumas of Mexico and River Plate of Argentina got the best response.

The tickets were worth $40 and we had 40 tickets to give away. We received more than 100 calls in the first promotional hour of the event which obliged us to ask the promoters and organizers for more tickets in order to keep up with the response.”

Roque says the campaigns with the lowest response have been those including complicated promotions such as filling out coupons and trivias and asking readers to bring something into Diario Latino offices.

Roque says campaigns should be mechanically simple. “Offer several response options and have attractive sweepstakes. With “Ponle la Salsa al Diario” there is a coupon which can be brought to our offices, a number readers can call, an e-mail address and a fax number. This gives the  participants a more interactive presence or a more handson approach to the entire event.”