New York Times’ Hispanic Market Strategy

Not willing to be put out by Hispanic-specific publications, New York's most famous newspaper, The New York Times, also targets area Hispanics. They sponsor events and community programs in the Hispanic community. The Times utilizes bilingual media outreach and promotions like newsstand signage in areas with a strong Hispanic population to reach out to the Hispanic market. Bilingual telemarketing through radio advertising and remotes with Spanish broadcasting systems are other tactics The New York Times uses.

In addition to these strategies, The New York Times also appeals to Hispanics through various programs at community libraries, cultural and civic events. One of the events The Times frequents is Job Market Networking Night, which is held at various locations in New York City, New Jersey, and Long Island.Through event sponsorship and promotions, The Times immerses itself in Hispanic culture.

The categories in The New York Times that advertisers are most interested in reaching Hispanics through are: financial, telecommunications, automotive, and advocacy. Interestingly, According to 2005 MRI research, only 7.6% of Times Weekday and 8.1% of Times Sunday readers are of Hispanic descent. In addition, only 4.1% of New York Times website users are Hispanic. Only about 8% read the Times and four percent use the web site.