On October 3rd the New York Post, owned by Rupert Murdoch´s News Corp., is launching a bi-monthly pull-out section inserted in the main newspaper (circ. 620,000). The yet-to-be called supplement will have 24 pages of content written in English. Sources at The New York Post tell Portadatm that the goal is to have 7 pages of advertising in each issue. The new venture´s goal is to primarily capture national advertisers (e.g. Revlon and Gap).

Sandra Guzman, editor of the new supplement, notes that the supplement will reflect the contemporary Latino life in New York City. “We are targeting the Latino who consumes an English language medium”, Guzman tells Portadatm. The English content should be appealing to New York city´s dispersed and assimilated Latino population. Rather than just inserting the supplement in newspapers distributed in heavily Hispanic populated areas, every New York Post copy will be carrying the supplement. Many Hispanics are incresingly being assimilated to the general population as many young Latinos are marrying non-Hispanics.


Portada Staff

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