New weekly hits “La Gran Manzana” in spring…

New York's Daily News will launch its new Spanish-language weekly in March. “The weekly's target audience will be Spanish-dominant New York Latinos,” Bob O'Neill, group sales director of national advertising at the Daily News, tells Portadatm. Michael Zamba will lead the new publication both on the editorial and advertising side. The name of the publication, as well as other important details, have not been decided yet. The free weekly will be distributed mainly through home delivery (see article above). The Daily News expects mostly retail advertising, with pharma looking promising at the national level.

The Daily News (circ. 715,000) has annual revenues of close to US $400 million. Retailer Macy's spends US $14 million annually on advertising in the Daily News. It will be interesting to see if some of the retail accounts can be successfully cross sold to the new Spanish-language weekly.



…with a running start.


The Daily News already publishes for New York's Latinos. According to a Gallup study, Daily News has the highest circulation among New York's 2,556,700 Hispanics, reaching 18.7% of the population. The New York Times (circ. 1,113,000) reaches 9.2% of New York's Latinos on a daily basis, while the New York Post (circ. 590,000) and Newsday (circ. 578,000) reach 9.5% and 5.2% respectively. The Daily News has published VIVA New York, a Sunday insert which appears 10 times a year, for the past 11 years. It has a circulation of 425,000 (CPM open rate US $33.60) and is distributed in areas with large Latino populations (Manhattan, 85,000, Bronx 105,000, Brooklyn, 110,000, Queens 98,000 and Hudson (NJ) 27,000). Roger González, who also reps AARP's Segunda Juventud magazine, was recently hired as VIVA´s a consultant/rep. The largest part of VIVA´s advertising revenues comes from retail and automotive. González expects to be able to cross-sell VIVA accounts to the new Spanish-language venture.

Recently the Daily News advertising sales team developed Viva New York Update, a page in Tuesday's Daily News, with a focus on sports, health and entertainment. The page offers advertisers an additional link to the Hispanic community and promotes the next issue of VIVA New York>

March 1, 2004


In the article “New weekly hits ‘La Gran Manzana' in Spring” on page 3 of Portadatm No. 7 January/February 2004, The New York Post average daily circulation was incorrectly stated as being 590,000. ABC reports an average daily circulation of 652, 426 for The New York Post for the period ending Sept. 2003.