Denver, CO based Cohorts launched Hispanic Cohorts, a toolkit designed to help marketers understand demographics, lifestyles, attitudes and behavioral characteristics of the Latino market. Hispanic Cohorts comprises 19 unique and diverse consumer segments within the Hispanic community. Cohort divides virtually all U.S. households into cohesive groups that share distinct demographic, lifestyle and consumer behavior characteristics. The segments include such disparate groups as the highly acculturated “Isabel” (Successful Career Women), and “Domingo y Sylvia” (Modest Income Grandparents), who still speak mostly Spanish and feel loyalty toward Spanish advertising and media. “It is important for marketers to recognize that the Hispanic marketplace is not homogeneous,” said Scott Schroeder, president and CEO of Cohorts. Hispanic Cohorts is based on the assumption that socio-economic and familial circumstances drive most consumer behaviors as much as, or even more than, cultural heritage.


Portada Staff

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