New Yorks’ new Hispanic daily, 24 Horas (Tricom, daily, Spanish, circ. 20,000), launched in mid-August. A mixture between Metro, AM New York and Village Voice, the newspaper targets hard working Hispanic Urbanites aged between 18-49 years old.

“We like to write about sports, entertainment and sex,” publisher and owner Eddie Cruz tells Portada. He characterizes his readers as “Spanish-dominant, Hispanic Urbanites who are college educated and employed full-time.

“We are the only independent Spanish-language daily in the New York area,” he adds.

Cruz notes that 24 Horas editorial is more liberal than that of its competitors El Diario/La Prensa and Hoy-New York.

24 Horas has an in-house editorial team and gets content (texts and photography) from the Associated Press, Agencia Efe and Newscom. The daily newspaper’s monthly content budget lies between $2,000 and $2,500. The newspaper’s cover pages are printed in color, but Cruz aims to soon print all 32 pages in color.

Cruz adds that “there are too many weeklies (between 75 and 100) in the Tri-State Area (New York, Connecticut, New Jersey).” Cruz expects the current circulation of 20,000 to increase to between 50,000 and 100,000 by year end 2008.

Multimedia Ad-sales strategy

24 Horas has a multimedia ad-sales strategy that encompasses print, online ( and Internet radio advertising (24 Horas Radio). Internet TV (24 Horas TV) is coming soon, says Cruz. The daily newspaper’s main advertisers include lawyers, doctors, mortgage lenders and healthcare providers.


Portada Staff

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