The name chosen by a New York company for a new Latino daily newspaper  in New York City (see article Apr. 9, 2009: New Hispanic Daily in New York,  is already a legally registered US Trademark, Al Día of Pennsylvania, a Philadelphia-based Spanish-language newspaper and news organization announced today. The new Hispanic daily in New York is called NY Al Día.)

In a letter to Juan Carlos Sánchez, general manager of the newly launched New York based publication, lawyers of Al Día Inc.of Pennsylvania requested that the company immediately cease and desist in its illegal use of the name under penalty of violating federal law.

According to Al Día Inc, its property rights are being violated and the company is considering legal action, according a letter sent to Sánchez by Volpe & Koening, the intellectual property law firm representing the Philadelphia-based company.

License in the Dallas Market

Al Día Inc of Pennsylvania, a Philadelphia-based Spanish-language news organization, is owner of the Al Día trademark, which was registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office under trademark number 3,155,988 on October 17th 2006.

This trademark gives Al Día Inc. of Pennsylvania exclusive rights to the use of the AL DÍA brand in all print or digital news products across the United States.

The Dallas Morning News, publisher of Al Día Dallas, uses a license granted by Al Día Inc of Pennsylvania.


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