New Initiatives,New health mags hope to spur pharma ad sales

Nueva Salud and Toda Mujer are the latest in a growing number of print media platforms available to health and pharma advertisers hoping to reach health-conscious Hispanics. Pharma advertising lags in Hispanic newspapers (seventeenth largest ad-category) and magazines (fourth largest category – see “A look at the pharma ad category,” Portadatm No. 8, March/April 2004). Ad sales representatives and publishers who approach large pharmaceutical firms are often discouraged to find that there are no Hispanic specific print ads available and no creative team to market them, or that the Spanish-language ads have not yet gone through the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval process.

However, as more and more new print media products are launched, pharma companies are confronted with the challenge of increasing their market share among the expanding and sizable Hispanic population. Marcus Diggle, EVP sales and marketing at Toda Mujer is optimistic. “We are two years away from a significant expansion of pharma advertising in Hispanic print media.”

Nueva Salud, a quarterly full color Spanish-language magazine, will make its debut this September, with the goal of educating the US Hispanic consumer on how to be health conscious and improve quality of life. Each issue will contain information on the latest medications, disease prevention and treatment, nutrition, dieting, fitness, self-improvement, anti-aging, and beauty.

Nueva Salud inserts Healthy Lifestyle in top 5 Markets

One and a half million copies of Nueva Salud will be distributed in the top 5 US Hispanic markets (Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Houston and Chicago), as inserts in Spanish language newspapers belonging to Papel Media's newspaper network. A full page one time insertion costs US $52,000 (CPM US $34.66). Nueva Salud is published as a joint venture between Laureti Media Group and Papel Media Network. Laureti Media Group is a Miami based media company and publisher of El Popular and Vivienda en Miami. Papel Media Network sells ROP and pre-printed inserts (FSI's) in a network of 450 Hispanic newspapers with a combined circulation of over 14 million.

Toda Mujer, a twice yearly women's health magazine for Latinas, was launched last December by Profile Pursuit Inc., a subsidiary of Profile Media Group, a London based media group that specializes in custom publishing. Toda Mujer, published in June and December, provides Latina patients with research- and practice-based information about women's health.

Controlled circulation

The rate base of Toda Mujer is 500,000 (controlled circ., ABC audit pending). Toda Mujer is the Spanish-language edition of Every Woman, although more than 50% of its content is original. A full page advertisement in the two annual issues –advertisers are required to place ads at least twice a year – costs US $68,000 (CPM US $68).

Every Woman had a hard time cross-selling ads to Toda Mujer because of divisions between general market budgets and Hispanic/Diversity budgets, which mean that each magazine must work with a separate group of print buyers. “You generally have to do sales twice,” Marcus Diggle tells Portadatm>