The Daily News (daily, circ. 747,053) launched Hora Hispana, a 200,000 circulation free weekly delivered to households in high density (75%) Hispanic neighborhoods throughout New York City. The Spanish language paper, which targets 1st and 2nd generation Spanish dominant Hispanics, is the latest in a string of Spanish publications launched by the Daily News. Hora Hispana will be delivered to households in select neighborhoods in the Bronx (65,000), Upper Manhattan (35,000), Brooklyn (60,000), and Queens (40,000). Although readership includes Latinos of many different nationalities, the largest numbers are Puerto Rican, Dominican and Mexican, as well as a number of Latinos who do not identify with a specific nationality. Hora Hispana contains practical, how-to information (immigration and education), as well as resources for recent immigrants.

Distributed with supermarket circulars

Hora Hispana is bundled around long-standing supermarket (Pathmark, Albertson's) circulars and distributed to Hispanic households on these circulars' distribution routes. “We picked areas where distributors are doing door knob distribution, so it's almost like direct mail,” says Rudy Zaccagno, retail advertising and business manager at the Daily News. “An additional advantage is that the household entry point is a woman, and she's the one who usually makes buying decisions.”

Zaccagno is clear about his goal: “We are looking to become the dominant paper in New York City for advertisers who want to reach the Spanish-speaking population. We have a circulation that will be able to attract major national accounts.” Currently, national and local furniture manufacturers and retailers, including Rockaway Bedding, Seaman's, and Gothic Cabinet Craft, dominate Hora Hispana's ad pages. Other advertisers include Cingular and Bronx Toyota, and Zaccagno says Macy's and Pathmark are coming soon. Verizon has already committed advertising placements for 2005. Some New York Daily News advertisers, particularly in the automotive, food, and education categories, also plan to advertise.

The Daily News also publishes the monthly VIVA, a bilingual Hispanic supplement inserted in the Daily News, as well as a weekly VIVA update page written in English. The New York Post has its own monthly news and entertainment supplement targeting Hispanics. NYP Tempo is written entirely in English and targets a slightly younger, more

cutting edge Latino (see “Latino supplement war in the Big Apple,” page 14, Portada®, No. 10, July/August 2004).

Better late than never…

The New York Daily News had originally planned to launch a Spanish-language home-delivered newspaper last March. It joined forces with three other Spanish-language weeklies (El Mensajero in San Francisco, Enlace in San Diego, and Impacto USA in Los Angeles) to form a national ad-sales network called Latino Newspaper Network (see “New weekly newspaper ad sales network bets on home delivery,” page 3, Portada® No. 7, January/February 2004). The Latino Newspaper Network folded early on, mostly due to the high cost of home-delivery and its inability to attract national advertisers. The Daily News' Zaccagno says he is still interested in joining a national ad-sales network, but only after a careful analysis of the costs and benefits.

…The Post strikes back

On October 6th, The New York Post launched a weekly teaser page for NYP Tempo, its monthly Hispanic supplement, written in English and included in the entertainment section of The New York Post. “The weekly Tempo Teaser is our initial step toward increasing frequency and expanding our editorial product. Eventually we hope to include more news and politics and move toward weekly distribution,” says Tony Martinez, special section marketing manager at The Post. Currently NYP Tempo's ad mix is 60% national/40% local, and includes advertisers like Johnny Walker Black Label, Steve Madden, and the J-Lo Clothing line. Most Hispanic supplements published by New York newspapers are distributed only in areas with larger Hispanic populations (e.g. Daily News zoned monthly VIVA supplement). NYP Tempo is inserted monthly in every copy of The New York Post (circ. 678,000). 3.8 million Latinos live in the NY DMA, making up 19% of the total population.

For more information read:

Inserts and supplements: July 1, 2004, “Are newspaper supplements targeting Hispanics effective advertising vehicles?” (


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