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Castalian Music Spanish Speaking Product Buyers list offers this list of consumers who have bought Spanish-language CD's and DVD's from Castalian's commercials and infomercials on stations such as Univision and Telemundo.
Of interest to: Hispanic Music Marketers, Catalog Mailers, Music Publishers
Quantity: 200,801
Price base: $80
Contact: Dave Boyd, (845) 230-6300

Description: Capital Spanish-speaking Households is a list of Spanish-Speaking Americans who have responded to Spanish-language catalogs or phone solicitations, or have been added as a result of an ethnic encoding system.
Of interest to: Computer Retailers, book publishers and retailers,
Quantity: 4.3 Million
Price base: $90/M
Contact: Rubin Response Management

Description: Su Casa Subscriber List provides a female-heavy list (70%) of people interested in building or remodeling their homes.
Of interest to: Home Furnishings Retailers, Contractors, etc.
Quantity: 80,400
Price base:N/A
Contact: Fassano & Associates

Description: Macromark Lists provides investment, health, business opportunity, grant lists, loans, adult, catalog and fundraising lists.
Of interest to: Those in the above lines of work looking to solicit new business.
Quantity: N/AA
Price base: N/A
Contact: jen@macromark.com, daveb@macromark.com


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