Compramos – Latin Consumers Who Buy

Description: Compramos is comprised of active buyers from Spanish-language television, catalog and direct response offers. The file is enhanced with Experian demographic data.
Of Interest to: Catalog mailers, publishers, credit card issuers, insurance companies and fundraisers Quantity: 355,995 Quarterly Hotline

5,695,929 Buyers

Price (base): US $80
Contact: MKTG Services
Tel: 215-968-5020 x157/

Grupo Nuevo – Cable TV subscribers

Description: Spanish-speaking cable TV viewers (62% male)
Of interest to: Fundraisers, apparel companies, telecommunications companies, and general merchandisers
Quantity: More than 1.8 million cable TV subscribers
Price: US $85
Contact: 21st Century Marketing

Tel: 631 293-8550 /

Gold Coast – Direct Mail Response Hispanics

Description: Consumers that recently opened new accounts via direct mail and in-store applications.
Of interest to: Apparel companies, book and magazine publishers, house wares and home décor companies, children's toys/games companies, fundraisers, sweepstakes/contest marketers, travel/vacation promoters and financial services
Quantity: 252,417
Contact: MKTG Services

Tel: 215-968-5020/

Second City Direct Hispanic Merchandise – Mail Order Buyers

Description: Hispanics who are family oriented. These shoppers respond to promotions by calling an 800 number to buy consumer goods and other household products.
Of Interest to: General merchandisers, particularly computer and music companies
Quantity: 24,341 Hispanic MOBs (Mail Order Buyers) – June Hotline
Price (base): US $90
Contact: 21st Century Marketing

Tel: 631-293-8550 /

Hispanic Broadband Subscribers

Description: Hispanic Broadband subscribers (Cable and DSL) who spent an average of $30/month for Internet service. The list identifies selectable subs from companies including America Online, Comcast and Cox. Forty-nine percent have children at home. Enhanced with demographic, lifestyle and purchase information.
Of Interest to: IT and telecommunications merchandise providers, publishers, and general merchandisers Quantity: 491,300
Price: $85/M
Contact: ABC Direct Marketing Inc.

Tel: 212-327-3315


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