New Discovery and ESPN inserts

Barcelona (Spain) and Buenos Aires (Argentina) based Civisa Media, a company which designs and markets customized publications in Latin America for ESPN and Discovery, both owned by Disney, announced new Discovery branded weekly newspaper inserts in Uruguay (El País, daily circ. 49,000, Sunday 100,000), Perú (El Comercio, daily circ. 120,000, Sunday 220,000) and El Salvador (La Prensa Gráfica, circ. 106,000). The ESPN insert began running in June in Costa Rica's Al Día, El Salvador's La Prensa Gráfica and Nicaragua's La Prensa. (daily, circ. 30,000).

Both Discovery and ESPN branded inserts are four to eight pages. Partner newspapers buy content from Discovery and ESPN (Civisa) and keep revenues generated by ad space sold in the insert. The content for these editions is produced by an editorial team in Buenos Aires. Civisa partner Luis Vinuales, says that both ESPN and Discovery inserts will be included in 3 or 4 additional Latin American newspapers within the next few months.

Civisa Media has the exclusive rights to publish any content under the ESPN or Discovery brands as supplements or branded pages through newspapers and magazines in Latin America.